Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MX Video Player Pro

The media player app that comes with your Android device is very good. It will play most common video formats and for many people that app is all they will ever need. What it isn't so good at is playing the less common file types, nor will it always reproduce subtitles correctly. So whilst we wouldn't dream of bashing it here, there are certainly better options available, particularly if you want to make the most of watching videos on your dual-core smartphone.

MX Video Player Pro is one of the first Android video players that performs multi-core decoding. According to test results on dual-core devices, this can translate to a performance improvement of up to 70 percent over single-core devices. It is able to do this by providing an optimised rendering engine and codecs for this newer type of processor. In English, that means that it takes full advantage of the extra power your dual core can provide. Mx Video Player can decode numerous video formats, from the common to the less usual types. Not cheap, but users with top-spec phones will certainly see the benefits.

That means that it takes full advantage of the extra power your dual-core can provide.

Developer: MX Technologies
Price: £3.44 US$4.99 3,99€

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