Monday, April 1, 2013

IMDb Movies and TV

Have you ever sat on the sofa, watching a film and thought IMDb "where do I know him from?", or more likely, sat on the sofa arguing with your other half about where you have seen a particular star before "I'm telling you, Brad Pitt was not in Pirates of the Caribbean!". Well now you have an answer to those arguments right in your pocket, with the outstandingly good IMDb app for Android. If you don't know, IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database and is quite simply the best place to go for film, TV, actor and entertainment information.

An unmatched treasure trove of film, TV and actor knowledge

With this app you get access to the world-famous and unmatched database of films, actors, TV, stars and all things silver (and small) screen that is the Internet Movie Database. The level of information available on this website is simply astonishing, with listings for over 1.5 million films and TV shows, and 3.2 millions celebrities, actors and the like. You can search the full database with this app, rate movies and TV shows and check out the charts of the greatest films of all time. You can also watch the latest trailers for hundreds of films. Pretty much an unmatched treasure trove of film, TV and actor knowledge.

Developer: IMDB
Price: FREE

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