Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amazon Kindle: a totally free Android app that you must have

It is functionality like this that makes Kindle more than an average e-reader and ultimately essential.

    This e-book reader from Amazon allows you to browse, buy and read any of the thousands of eBooks available on the website. The Kindle store is well organised into categories of Books, Magazines and Newspapers, as well as Bestsellers, New Additions and Free Popular Classics. Just getting through the free e-book classics would take anyone a long time, so when you consider the thousands of premium e-books available from the Internet giant, you can see that this idea has some legs.
    Once you have purchased a book (or downloaded one of the hundreds of free books) the app allows you to sort your library by author, title or by order of download. Below each title in your collection a small graph shows you how much you have read of that book. Unlike a non-virtual book, kindle allows you to change everything from the font size to the background colour, as wel as allowing you to alter the brightness of the screen to suit your needs.

    This lets you check definitions, add notes or highlights to a particular word or phrase and also search for the word in the book, in wikipedia or via google. It is functionality like this that makes Kindle more than an average ereader and ultimately essential.

Developer: AMZN Mobile
Price: FREE

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